Who We Are

We strongly believe in our solution-minded entrepreneurship and share one vision: how can we make your dreams come true

over 60 cumulative years

Build Your Hopes

BUILD YOUR HOPES has over 60 cumulative years of experience providing solutions and all the necessary tools needed in leading, managing and guiding companies and entrepreneurs towards a brighter future!


Who We Are

We strongly believe in our solutions-minded entrepreneurship and share one vision: how can we make your dreams come true

over 60 cumulative years

Build Your Hopes

BUILD YOUR HOPES has over 60 cumulative years of experience providing solutions and all the necessary tools needed in leading, managing and guiding companies and entrepreneurs towards a brighter future.

Our Values

Achieve success through teamwork

As a team, we reach our best potential by combining and sharing our experiences, our victories and our flaws so we can guarantee 100% commitment to each and every customer and their respectful dreams.

Quality over quantity

We firmly believe in a strategy based on Quality. By realizing that 1 unsatisfied customer will cost us 10, Accepting and living by this simple, yet worldly, state of mind ensures us and our customers a careful and qualitative approach to every challenge presented to us.


After guaranteeing a maximum commitment and making Quality an absolute priority within our company, we are convinced that upholding Reputation is key to success.

Exceed expectations

Every client, every person, every company has expectations. We at Build Your Hopes are committed to exceeding these expectations. We have a team ready to create and develop Road Maps, Business Plans, Apps, Platforms, Websites and any other challenge our clients might have and don’t know they have. Our team has been trained with a single mindset: exceed every expectation and accept no limits regarding creativity and complicity with their projects.


Respect is one of the key values on which Build Your Hopes has been founded. Respect for our clients, every wish, every dream, every hope. We are fully committed to helping you realize them.


Alongside our other values, we have the utmost respect for the word “Loyalty.” Build Your Hopes are loyal to a fault towards our customers and their dreams. No challenge is too big for our team. No dream is unachievable. Build Your Hopes was made for you to help your dreams become reality.

What We Do

Practice Areas


Ideation and Idea development


Business Development


Marketing advisory


Digital platforms design & development


Feasibility study


Strategic Advisory


Operational efficiency



Our Experts

Sara Izadi


CEO & Founder – With a diverse background before entering the consulting industry in 2019. Sara has a unique background in working with the non-profit and private sectors. She is skilled in strategic communications, public relations, stakeholder engagement, and marketing strategy. Our clients highly regard Sara for her adaptability and strong communication, project management and leadership skills.

Sara’s experience includes strategy and operations consulting, business analysis, project management, operational process improvement and leadership.

Shahrooz Farahmand


General Manager – She holds an International Business Management & Marketing Degree. She is an accomplished bilingual business plan writer with well-rounded business experience. Her vast experience in business administration, marketing, economics, and finance allows Raha to quickly obtain a deep understanding of the Company’s strategic goals by setting operational policies, creating and maintaining budgets, managing employees and each client’s business. This strong business mind makes her a perfect leader for Build Your Hopes in achieving its goal.


Student Recruitment Advisor – She has an eye for details and attention to cultural differences, making her an incredible student advisor. Maral holds a bachelor’s degree in biology. She has experience in international student recruitment and education, focusing on Canadian markets. She works on global recruitment channel plan marketing and international recruitment strategies for Canadian colleges/universities. She always ensures that enrollment is aligned and achieved by semester as set out by the client.


Office Coordinator – She is a beautiful person you first talk to when giving Hosna a call and who keeps the office organized and efficient. She has worked in a fast-paced environment that does not leave a moment for second-guessing choices. She has valuable experience in bookkeeping activities, updating the accounting system, and outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.

Maral Kyumarsi


Network Architect – He holds a DBA from Oxford University as well as Ph.D. in IT. Meisam has years of experience in network security, designing, implementing, and managing security countermeasures when network vulnerabilities are discovered. He offers technical guidance on networking solutions, technology roadmaps, and product plans. Also, he develops and delivers professional proposals and design documentation, both for our clients and in-house use.

Maral Kyumarsi


Web Developer – With a master’s degree in Software Engineering, he handles the technical tasks of building websites. Javad plans the framework and works with programming tools and databases, and enjoys projects that demand thorough research and creative solutions. He is an incredible content creator using a variety of graphics, animation, and other software. His background and experience have resulted in his being regarded as the Web Developer expert at Build Your Hopes.

Maral Kyumarsi


Graphic Designer – He has an incredible knowledge of creating visual concepts to communicate information. Hamid is skilled in everything from posters to packaging, logos, and marketing materials and knows how to use various elements to convey ideas to our audience better. With a passion for empowering motivated individuals and an inherent desire to share his knowledge, Hamid is helping our IT team reach its target comprehensively and effectively.

Armin Basiri


Visual Content Creator – Danial has a pulse on the automotive world on social media, and he is skilled in create epic videos and photos that people are dying to see. He is eager to experiment, jump on trends, get creative and think outside the box as he pursues daily content creation for Instagram Stories, Reels, IGTV, TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and any other medium as they see fit. He has a knack for edits and can make something memorable. As part of our IT team, he bring is an active and playful energetic to creat an incredible videos.

Maral Kyumarsi


Assistant Graphic Designer – With her youth and energy, she plays a vital role in our IT team. She holds a Graphic Design degree and brings a fresh pair of eyes into our Company. She dedicates her time and knowledge to the fantastic images posted on our social media accounts and maintains and manages digital files and artworks. Delaram also assists in the production and colorways of our new products.

Build Your Hopes is proud to announce it’s collaboration with Team Immigration Services.

Team Immigration Services is a boutique law firm specializing in business immigration, economic citizenship, and corporate immigration in Canada and around the world for over 30 years.

“With the 30 years of experience that our firm has, we have facilitated over 10,000 successful applications.”

– Team Immigration Services

Farahmand - Team Immigration Group

Farzad Farahmand

Farahmand Immigration Group

Mr. Farahmand, CEO and founder of Team Immigration Group, has over 30 years of experience in the immigration business. He has obtained a Bachelor of Art, Master’s of Business Administration, MBA (USA) and is also listed as an Immigration Consultant of the Canada Regulatory Council, ICCRC (CANADA) and Commissioner of oaths.

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