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Build Your Hopes

BUILD YOUR HOPES has over 60 cumulative years of experience. We provide solutions and the necessary tools to manage and guide entrepreneurs.  We prioritize your future goals with a professional approach and attention to details.

Our Team


CEO & Founder

With a diverse background before entering the consulting industry in 2013, Sara has a unique experience in working with the non-profit and private sectors. She is skilled in strategic communications, public relations, stakeholder engagement, and marketing strategy. Our clients highly regard Sara for her adaptability and strong communication, project management and leadership skills. Sara’s experience includes strategy and operations consulting, business analysis, project management, operational process improvement and leadership.


Chief Financial Officer

Al is excellent at achieving revenue and earnings targets and preserving cash flow. He helps our team optimize income. He's the finance and accounting manager and knows our company's finances well. Al decides how to run the company and its divisions for maximum efficiency and productivity. He chooses the best-qualified managers for each branch of building your hopes and ensures they work effectively. He leads teams, gives money, and gives financial projections to help Build Your Hopes move forward and make more money.


Chief Marketing Strategist

Putting all of Build Your Hope's marketing plans into action falls within Negar's purview. She did not merely conduct extensive research to identify potential new marketing avenues for the firm; rather, she also conceived of novel ideas to foster the expansion of our international business class clients by assisting them in identifying the most effective methods of promoting their products and attracting new customers.


Student Recruitment Advisor

She has an eye for detail and attention to cultural differences, making her an incredible student advisor. Maral holds a bachelor’s degree in biology. She has experience in international student recruitment and education, focusing on Canadian markets. She works on global recruitment channel plan marketing and international recruitment strategies for Canadian colleges/universities. She always ensures that enrollment is aligned and achieved by semester as set out by the client.


Office Manager

She is a beautiful person you first talk to when giving Hosna a call and who keeps the office organized and efficient. She has worked in a fast-paced environment that does not leave a moment for second-guessing choices. She has valuable experience in bookkeeping activities, updating the accounting system, and outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.

Nilofar. De

International Branch Coordinator

Niloufar oversees our branch team's projects, keeps tabs on our development, and plans our next steps. She interacts with clients professionally and collaborates with colleagues from our digital, analytics, and creative departments. In order to help our team, explore novel approaches to meeting the needs of our customers, she consistently opts to go beyond her established boundaries.

Niloufar Alamdar

Human Resource Specialist

Niloufar organises HR. She verifies applicants' backgrounds, gives them evaluations, and schedules interviews. She updates and completes staff records while she helps us establish, examine, and change the company's evaluation. With her kind and friendly attitude, Niloufar manages compensation structures, benefits, and new procedures. She handles anything from job postings to interviews. She helps plan our office staff meetings every Wednesday and makes reports on our foreign business class entrepreneurs.


Graphic Designer

With her youth and energy, she plays a vital role in our IT team. She holds a Graphic Design degree and brings a fresh pair of eyes to our company. She dedicates her time and knowledge to the fantastic images posted on our social media accounts and maintains and manages digital files and artworks. Delaram also assists in the production and colorways of our new products. She has an incredible knowledge of creating visual concepts to communicate information. Delaram is helping our IT team achieve its goal entirely and effectively. He has a strong desire to help motivated people and a passion for sharing his knowledge.

Daniel KM

Digital Content Creator

As part of his job, he is responsible for producing content around the clock, using cutting-edge photography and videography tools to share stories and images with the world. Yes, he has access to every work piece and resource available, including CNC machines, RED cameras, 360-degree off-road vehicles, and the most cutting-edge drone technology. He despises restrictions and bureaucracy; hence, he can access any resources we may require producing the highest quality digital content for Build Your Hopes. HE Daniel is well-versed in every stage of the content production cycle, from ideation to staging to shooting to directing to editing. At Build Your Hopes, Daniel always puts in extra effort and goes outside his comfort zone because the company values creative control.


Istanbul Office Manager

Shahin helps run our Istanbul branch efficiently through a range of administrative, financial, and managerial tasks. His focus is around organizational processes. Keeping the Istanbul office running efficiently by providing employees with resources, tools, and company-wide initiatives that boost overall employee morale. Shahin implements technology solutions that improve operational effectiveness.


Thailand Office Manager

Mohammad coordinates and oversees administrative duties in our Thailand office. He ensures that the office operates efficiently and smoothly. His responsibilities include planning, office management, overseeing administrative staff, owning budgets, communications and office management improvements.


International Business Consultant

Reza works closely with management and executive teams to develop strategic plans for both existing and emerging markets. Including research, government, nonprofit and private-sector fields.

Our Partners


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