International Students

International students can attend schools that have been approved (or “designated”) by provinces and territories. Designated learning institutes are what these schools are called (DLI). Your admission letter from a DLI is required if you need a study permit.

Each province and territory in Canada are in authority of its own education system. We provide international students with information regarding their education in Canada, along with the public database of courses offered, fees, and other services.

Each year, more than 130,000 international students choose to study at Canadian universities. In addition to a top grade high-quality education system, Canada also offers countless possibilities and a vibrant culture.

Access to Telephone Helpline to enable them to seek advice on any general matter of life in Canada.
A piece of comprehensive, up-to-date information and advice on all general life matters in Canada, including each of the following issues.
Canada’s legal requirements and the implications of being a student in Canada.

We work with almost 1500 schools. Choose from over 100,000 programmes in Canada. Assistance with finances
We help you to have access to special scholarships and learn about financial aid possibilities.

Evaluation & Counseling

Face-to-face consultation and pre-assessment of students’ academic achievement, previous work/life experience, and financial capabilities to locate the most appropriate university/course in Canada is the first phase of our service.


We provide comprehensive support for all applicant and admissions stages, from completing forms and preparing relevant documentation to comprehend what happens at each stage. We offer professional and honest information on financial planning, tuition fees, payment deadlines, living costs, financial aids, and scholarships, if available, to students.

Document preparation

Since our Immigration Partners has a vast knowledge of Canada’s visa systems, we can confidently help prepare students’ documents for visa submission. Our team assists students with gathering the relevant information and documentation, write the Study Plan, and submit all required forms.

Visa processing

Our team and associates assist students with the visa application and submission process and reference check and address any questions that may arise.

Pre-arrival Services

We at BUILD YOUR HOPES assist students with lodging, enrolling for university, and receiving any other services required after their arrival.

Pre-Arrival Services

Learn more about our corporate, transaction and restructuring capabilities.

Provides information needed to families, sponsors, and parents for making an informed decision.

The preparation of a personal statement

Climate/weather information about the country and school location

Additional arrangement for community orientation, knowledge, and assistance

Receiving and responding to offer letters

Advice and assistance in arranging accommodation in Canada

Housing options for the international student

Secure your temporary mailing address with us

Secure your temporary housing

Your permanent place to live

List of documentations you need

Arrival Services


Provide upon the arrival in the Canada transportation service from the nearest international airport to the identified student accommodation


Arrange for a guided orientation tour of the university campus and local town/city. We will provide critical amenities like shops, restaurants, healthcare, post office, railway station, taxis, local sightseeing


Connecting students to community/social groups


Activities for International Students/visitors


Connect new students with older student mentors Through our Student Social Media applications

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