Ideation and Idea development


Ideation and Idea development

At Build Your Hopes, we believe that every dream and every idea is worth exploring.

Don’t let challenges, milestones and lack of resources be a burden. We exist to take these pressures upon ourselves and deliver you a personal approach and the needed solutions.

How does it work?

Everything starts with YOU!

Your ideas and dreams are the seeds of an ever-growing industry: The Startup Industry.


Our first task is...

Our first task is to listen to you. Your vision of the ideation is printed in your head, visions by your eyes and expanded by your mind.

By accumulating this...

By accumulating this raw information, we will put everything on paper for you and then expand it based on the latest technologies and features available. Every description, every vision, every word shall be written, drawn and made concrete.

Afterwards, we will create...

We will then create a Road Map – a blueprint of what has to come. It’s the foundation on which your seed will grow and the first shape of the idea. We will analyze, calculate and reason upon your idea and give everyone a clear and structured view of the project.

Then, we will find...

From there, we will find the necessary investors (starting with Angel Investors or Incubators) for your project.

Armed with the...

Armed with the Road Map and a preliminary selected team of investors, we will proceed to the creation of your Business Plan.

This process will be...

This process will be enforced by advanced and state of the art research on the target market, marketing solutions and strategic planning to approach potential customers.

Together with...

Together with our Legal Partners, we will represent you here in Toronto, Canada or anywhere and help you start and establish your success story nationally.

Your dreams will become your new reality and we will help you put your ideas into a successful business. This is our mission; this is our commitment to you!

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